Our Mission

To honor and preserve the integrity of indigenous wisdom and sacred cultural practices by providing cross-cultural exchanges, education, and community-building opportunities.

Our Name

The word Kenosis comes from the Greek and means "to empty". When we release what is extraneous in our lives, we can recognize what really matters. The mind stills. Peace comes and affects who we are in the world. Through that state of being we naturally reach out to touch others by role modeling genuine peacemaking — and a ripple effect is created.

Spirit Keepers
In a time when there is a global movement away from our origins, disintegration of family and disconnection from the natural elements, Spirit Keepers are the true warriors of today. In diminishing pockets throughout the world, in many ways disrespected, they still maintain the invisible threads that connect us to our roots. A tree that is uprooted quickly dies.

Our Message

Spirit Keepers are the stewards of our future. The ancient, Indigenous ways instill appreciation for the Mother Earth and all beings. When Spirit Keepers are honored and come together to share their sacred practices, we are all nourished. Our common foundation is strengthened.

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